Life is all about making choices

It’s YOUR life!

Life is all about making choices.. there is no right and wrong.. you are your own judge.. follow your intuition.. because no matter how hard you try; you shall never be able to make people happy.. plus, why do you want to make others happy if you are not? You matter the most.. each one on this earth has their own life to deal with, so why sacrifice yours to another?

I don’t mean to say to be selfish and live at the expense of others; not by any means.. but I’m specifically talking about decisions that affect you personally.. if others are involved then consider the impact on them too yet not at the expense of your own self..

I have always been a strong believer that if you don’t have something you can’t give it.. meaning, if you are not happy you cannot make others happy.. there will always be something missing.. the genuine part of your actions and feelings..

Start with yourself.. Be happy then you can make others happy..

Have a happy day 😊

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